I can’t believe how quickly my body has adapted to the cold weather here.

OK, granted, no one in Fairbanks is going to call 29 degrees F cold.

I woke this morning and the announcer on KUAC said: “It’s 29 degrees.” I looked outside. Still dark, a light snow frosted my deck and the fallen leaves. I put on my goose-down vest, pulled a knit hat over my head and picked up a broom.

At 7 a.m., I was sweeping snow off my stairs…and I was happy.

No one who knows me well will believe this. I have been known to whine when the weather dips into the 50’s in Oregon. Now I’m comfortable in 20-degree weather. Skeptics will rightly grumble: Let’s see how she feel when it’s -20 degrees F.

For now, I love waking in the dark absolute stillness. The first thing I see is the ring of birch and spruce trees who’ve stood vigil and watched over me all night. It’s so quiet in the morning that I hesitate to turn on the radio (some mornings I don’t). Heck, I hesitate to leave my bed. It’s just that beautiful…the silence.

Now softer with a light dusting of snow.