Snow in Fairbanks falls like flour from a sifter. Softly. Steadily. Kinda sneaky actually. The snowfall seems light and harmless yet a couple inches accumulates in short order.

With snow falling outside my office window, I took a break from grading papers, donned my boots and headed across campus to the post office and bookstore. I encountered butterflies, dragons, Batman and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, clutching parents’ hands and leaving patches of snow in their wake as the tromped into the building.

Dressed for winter weather and Halloween, children pour into the UAF Bookstore to trick-or-treat and collect candy.

The children from the Bunnell House Early Childhood Lab School were trick-or-treating. I decided to follow. I’m quite sure I’ve never seen trick-or-treating in the snow.

Dressed in a tiny green snowsuit, Leo, 14 months, got a ride in a plastic sled, tugged by a girl in a leopard outfit. A dad adjusted the antennae headband on his butterfly daughter. The butterfly girls eventually inverted their jackets, wearing them on the front to stay warm and leave their sparkly wings free to flutter. Costume adaptation for winter weather is a necessity and an art form in Fairbanks.

After the bookstore, the group headed to the health center and the fire station before heading back to school or bundling into cars and heading home.