University of Alaska Fairbanks students wait in line to vote while others cast their ballots at the Wood Center on Election Day in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I went to the Wood Center after my office hours because I heard the Pita Place was serving falafel. The Pita Place is a popular seasonal restaurant that closed on September 15. Rumor had it they were serving last Tuesday and this Tuesday as a test to see if the service should become a regular Tuesday feature on campus. “Our goal is to bring the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern falafel stand to you in Fairbanks, Alaska” its website states.

Now their goal is to bring it to UAF campus. And the long lines–both to pay for an order and pick up an order–were a testament to their success. There were at least two dozen people. And it’s worth the wait.

I had a view of the ground-floor polling place as I waited. I noticed that the line of students waiting to vote was longer than the line for students waiting to eat.

That’s gotta be a good sign.