Carol waves to passing cars on the corner of 10th and I in Anchorage. She is a member of Women in Black in Anchorage; she's been on the corner every Saturday at 1 p.m. for nearly five years. "Five years on March 11," she said.

I spotted Carol and her peace sign as Alice and I were returning to Alaska Pacific University after a fine lunch at Snow City Cafe with her friend, Katija and mother, Naomi.

“Do you mind if we stop?”

Afternoon sun bounced off her peace sign as she waved and flashed a smile to everyone who passed.

Carol is a member of Women in Black, “a world-wide network of women committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence.”

“We are the farthest north one,” Carol said.

She explained how she resurrected the Anchorage chapter of Women in Black. Interested in the organization, she found the number of a woman who’d started the chapter and called. only to learn the woman had died two years earlier. She followed leads that lead her to the street corner where she’s waved her peace stand and kept vigil every Saturday for nearly five years. (“Five years on March 11,” she said.)

She’s out every Saturday regardless of the weather.  She’s not certain of the coldest weather she’s endured.

“I don’t know. Below,” she said. “Last year I used to have two or three pair of pants (on). Now I have long johns.”

Her friend, Jacob, stops by, picks up a sign and joins her.

Some drivers honk as they pass. Carol said people often stop to talk or offer their support.

“I had a guy stop by from Argentina, where it started,” Carol said. “He was almost in tears.”