My mom wrote a poem for me and emailed it to me after I told her I was heading to Afghanistan. I asked her if I could post it on my blog. Mom normally doesn’t share her poems outside the family, though she made an exception this time.

Thanks, Mom…for the poem and your love and support.


My daughter’s gone where no one should.

I should have known she would.

At her job she is a whiz.

Experienced reporter she is.


She’s gone to be with the troops for Christmas this year.

This is a project she holds dear.

Older and wiser I know.

You go girl –you go!


We’ll miss her this year at Christmas time.

But know she will be fine.

An adventurer through and through.

She has always loved her reporter job, it’s true


We won’t hear from her much.

But whenever she can she will keep in touch.

Give my love to the men and women who serve overseas.

Thank them for me for their service-please!


Take care my daring daughter Cher.

You chose to go and do your job and share.

I am proud of you Cher.

God bless you and all there.


I love you.

Mom         Dec. 17th 2011