JR Anchenta poses for a photo near the top of a mountain a Foward Operating Base Masum Ghar (Innocent Mountain.) JR is spending his winter break on an embed with the 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He signed all the embed paperwork, paid for his the commerical flight from Fairbanks to Kuwait and bought the medical insurance required to embed. Photo by Cheryl Hatch

The International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan sent us was a packet of forms and documents to read and complete as part of our embed packet.

The military never met a form it didn’t love.

Media Embed Request Form

Media Registration Form

Memorandum for Record ISAF Media Credential Confirmation

ISAF Media Ground Rules (a five-page document that lists all the things a journalist can and cannot mention while reporting, what’s releasable and not releasable and what happens to you if you don’t follow the rules)

Media Accommodating and Ground Rules Agreement ISAF Indemnification Agreement and Liability Waiver, Media Organization (Bless ZumaPress for having our backs on this one. Here’s a sampling: Acknowledge and agree that covering combat and other military operations is inherently hazardous and may result in death, personal injury, whether physical or otherwise, or in damage to organizational property, and wishing in any event to have organizational personnel participate in covering combat and other military operations, voluntarily consent to participate and assume any risks that may be associated with said participation. Agrees to notify the next of kin…ISAF will return the deceased or injured representative (after first aid) to the nearest commercial transportation facility, but MEDIA ORGANIZATION will be financially responsible for repatriating the remains of or evacuating the injured back to their home of record.)

ISAF Indemnification Agreement and Liability Waiver, Media Representative (This one reads like the one above and includes the acknowledgement that I have current medical insurance, and I have been advised that ISAF recommends that my policy should include coverage for, at minimum, acts of war, evacuation, repatriation of remains and long-term care.)