JR and I spent an incredible afternoon and evening yesterday at Role 3 International Medical Unit, the combat hospital at Kandahar Airfield (blog posts coming soon.) We were worn out physically and emotionally, yet we had arranged a phone interview with Alaska Public Radio and we had scheduled to call the office at 2130.

It took a good 10 minutes of dialing to reach the Anchorage office. Originally we had planned the interview with Lori Townsend, who had to leave for an assignment in Sitka. Annie Feidt would do the interview, Lori said. We reached Annie but she said she had to leave, too, so she transferred us to veteran Steve Heimel. The transfer was not successful and we had to redial for several minutes before we reconnected.

JR and I sat at a desk in the Media Support Center and placed the phone between us and listened to his questions. We passed it back and forth, taking turns responding. The interview lasted about 40 minutes.

I’m always a bit nervous to talk with the press–yes, it’s true–so JR and I were gratified when we heard the fine report Steve produced. He stitched the pieces together well. We appreciate his professionalism. Thank you, Steve, for helping us share our experiences with Alaska Public Radio’s listeners, especially the families of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Arctic Wolves” in Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright.

Click here to listen to the story.