I’ve been looking at photos for the past few days, doing an edit for an upcoming photo essay on the soldiers of the Female Engagement Team.

I decided to share a few photographs…simple scenes, moments that caught my eye.

And you’ll notice a couple sunsets and a moonrise. I made a point to watch the sun set and the sun rise wherever I was while I was embedded.

I was always seeking beauty…in moments, in light, in gestures.

And giving thanks at the beginning and end of each day.

On the cement wall outside the PX at Kandahar Airfield, an artist made a statement twisting the words of John Lennon. There are all kinds of tags on the barrier. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

An M240 machine gun is silhouetted against an Afghan sunset in the guard tower the soldiers of 3rd Platoon Charlie Company man 24/7. The soldiers have calculated that they've spent four of the 12 months on deployment on guard. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

The full moon rises over the mountains near Masum Ghar. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

SPC Cody Sampolski helps PFC Kent Young up the hill after crossing an irrigation ditch as Sgt. Robert Taylor follows them while on patrol near Khenjakak. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

This is the view from the window of a MATV. I was excited to see some of the scenery as we traveled, even if it was through a small dusty window with polka-dot camouflage. Unless you're a driver or manning one of the hatches of a Stryker, you wouldn't have a view as you traveled. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

Soldiers lay down their rifles during their evening meal in the Dining Facility at Forward Operating Base Shoja. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

Two soldiers do sunset PT at Forward Operating Base Shoja. They're running five miles on gravel with 70-pound rucksacks on their backs. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch

The sun sets behind Strykers parked at Forward Operating Base Shoja. Copyright 2012 Cheryl Hatch